The success of any business venture does not depend merely on the people who conduct it but mostly on the business opportunities provided by society. For this reason, we are convinced that it is our responsibility to take care of both people and society, who have given us the chance to do business.

The people

It is fundamental to create a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment for our employees where respect is valued and initiatives, creativity and teamwork are recognized and fostered.

The facilities

We are constantly in search of technology enabling our processes and equipment to have the lowest impact on the environment.


· Neither heavy metals nor any other compounds harmful to the environment are used in our manufacturing process.

· The waste caused by manufacturing is collected on a daily basis by trash collection companies which comply with the current legislation.

· During these processes, water and energy consumption is managed and lower consumption levels are constantly sought in order to reduce the use of natural resources.

Programs where
RA Intertrading
takes part

ACUMAR Program, a governmental agency in charge of cleaning the Matanza river. This agency is in charge of auditing the companies located within the area covered. The goal of this agency is to prevent and eliminate any potential source of pollution.

Recycling programs of the Garrahan Foundation.
We work to achieve a competitive and sustainable textile industry.
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